Necessity is the
mother of invention

About Us

NECESSITY For nearly 5 decades, the search for neuroprotective strategies for the treatment of acute ischemic stroke reported hundreds of potential therapies that, despite effective animal testing, failed to replicate that success in human clinical trials. Thus, there are only two FDA-approved therapies dissolving the clot [thrombolysis] or wire device extraction [arterial thrombectomy] were used in only 1.8-3.8% of the 800,000 acute ischemic strokes per year. Clearly, the need for effective neuroprotective treatment of acute ischemic stroke is urgent.


INVENTION Arriving at the University of New Mexico (UNM) in 2009, Dr. Nemoto brought with him the concept of cerebral microvascular shunts (MVS). Along with Drs. Wolfgang Mueller and Denis Bragin, he demonstrated, for the first time, the existence of brain MVS with loss of cerebral blood flow (CBF) regulation at high intracranial pressure. During his 38 years at the University of Pittsburgh, Dr. Nemoto knew of Dr. Marina Kameneva’s work with a high molecular weight polymer of polyethylene oxide which she and others demonstrated to be effective in improving survival in hemorrhagic shock and myocardial ischemia. With Dr. Kameneva’s assistance, Drs. Nemoto and Bragin confirmed the efficacy of the polymer, Lamiflo™, in reducing the severity of injury after stroke and traumatic brain injury.


SHEARIT, LLC Cognizant of the lack of an effective treatment for stroke, Dr. Nemoto felt compelled to take Lamiflo™ to clinical trials, obtained a patent and formed Shearit, LLC. Dr. Nemoto recruited a top team with over 200 years of combined experience to take Lamiflo™ to clinical application. The Team Members include:

Lamiflo is injectable

Lamiflo™ is a disruptive technology in current stroke protocol because it can be administered in the pre-hospital phase; will increase the number of patients qualifying for treatment by thrombolysis or intra-arterial thrombectomy; and can be used in patients who do not qualify for either treatment and could be used in patients, days to months after a stroke who are still at risk for a second stroke.

  • Dr. Edwin Nemoto – Chief Executive Officer
    Founder of Shearit, LLC
  • Dr. Howard Yonas – Chief Medical Officer
    Stroke neurosurgeon, colleague for over 30 years
  • Mr. Steve Wiley – COO
    Inventor of a clinical brain cooling device
  • Mr. Mike Renn – President
    30 + years of experience at Burroughs Wellcome company
  • Mr. Phil Hodges – Chief Technical Officer
    Founder of Metrics, Inc., a contract pharmaceutical company
  • Ms. Susan Skinner – Chief Regulatory Officer
    30 + years of regulatory experience
  • Dr. Rick Dalyai – Executive Clinical Director
    Director of stroke at Vidant Medical Center.